We’re So Glad You Found Us

We believe the church is about imperfect people coming together to love God, each other, and our neighbour. We aim to encourage, equip and spur each other on in our love for Jesus Christ and his love for the world.

We do not believe that the church should be about keeping Christians busy doing in-house things. We’d rather grow people than programs. We’d rather live the good news outside of our walls. 

Come and check us out, we’d love to meet you.


St Stephens Fire December 13 2020


St Stephens is committed to restoring the beauty of our church building. Our goal is that from the outside the church will look as if the fire never happened. One exception is the reinstatement of the original iron roof instead of the decramastic tiles that were added in later years.

Decisions are still being made on the internal layout but some slight modifications may be going ahead to suit our contemporary needs.

One of our most precious heritage taonga; the heritage status 1 Croft Tracker Organ (accredited due to the hard work of Helen Lukman-Fox and Douglas Blomfield) has suffered considerable water damage and its repair is going to be significantly costly. We are still waiting for a full QS report (mid-June) but we believe we will need some significant help from our community and other interested parties in order to bring everything back to healthy working order.



Sunday Service

We meet together Sundays at 10am with hot coffee and a selection of teas waiting for you at the door.



Yay we’re excited you’re getting married. We’d love to host your wedding. For more info click below.

hybrid comm pantry & sign

Community Pantry

Our community pantry is an open pantry and sharing platform. People may exchange fresh produce or surplus products of any useful nature. If preferred more emergency type food and toiletries may be left in the pantry for those in greater need.

We do not want to limit how the pantry can be used. However, we kindly ask that people limit unnecessary stockpiling from the pantry and take only that which is needed.