St Stephens Ponsonby is a non-profit community facing church. Financial involvement from people like yourself enables us to do everything we do. We are a registered charity, and our books are open.

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Having the resources to fund our Sunday Services, maintain facilities, to pay our dedicated staff, top-up our community pantry and other community projects (present and on the horizon) is dependent on people’s generosity. Your giving also helps us to consider new ways we can input into our wider community and invest in God’s work in the world. We can’t do any of it without your help.

Our Minister does not drive the latest European car, nor does he live in a Mansion. There are no ulterior motives other than serving God and the surrounding community. We want to make this neighbourhood a better place. If that’s your goal to, why not put some skin in the game and work with us?

If you’d like to make a one-off donation, our bank details are below.If you’re comfortable, please enter your name in the Reference field.

If you’d like to become a regular giver please email us, and we will assign you an anonymous giving number. At the end of the financial year we can provide you with a giving record which you can use to be reimbursed from the IRD.


Acc. Name: St Stephens Presbyterian Church
Acc. No: 38-9016-0798775-00