Our Community

People not Programs

If you want an authentic community, we think you’ve come to the right place. We are an eclectic community of people endeavouring to follow Jesus Christ in the 21st Century. We aim to be a place to intelligently, creatively, honestly (but faithfully) wrestle with being followers of Christ today. Questions and doubts are welcomed.

Our focus is on growing people rather than growing programs. Our lives are busy enough, so at St Stephen’s we hope to make space.

We believe church should be multi-cultural and multi-generational. We like it this way because those different to us help us to grow and be more Christ-like.

We love Jesus Christ and the Good News of what he has done. We also think faith is more than believing some things in our heads, so we encourage each other to be a voice for the voiceless (Prov. 31) and to do justice and mercy, humbly before God (Micah 6:8).

People often comment on our authenticity and warmth. So bring your whole self and be yourself.