Our Services

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Sometimes coming for the first time to a church can be a little scary. So here’s some info on what goes on.


Grab a coffee or tea on the way in! We have one main service on a Sunday morning at 10am. Our services are relatively informal, sometimes interactive and always engaging.


We aim for a healthy mix of authentic, informal, fun and reflective worship. We like to blend the ancient and the contemporary. We like to meet people where they are at, no pretending. Life is full of joy and sorrow so sometimes we get excited and sometimes we lament. We try to be responsive to where people are at, and where the Holy Spirit is working.


Our sung worship is often a fresh fusion of contemporary and ancient songs done in a stripped back way. We believe that hearing the person singing next to you (in or out of key) is part of what it is to worship God authentically together. But sometimes we strike up our heritage Organ or bring out a band, especially when there is celebrating to do.


When our young people are among us, we like to make a fuss of them. Three out of four weeks in the month they go out with our awesome Families Worker (Hope Ridout) and authorised volunteers. Once a month we have an All Age service where the different generations can mix.


We even have a children’s garden. We use the garden to teach parables of Jesus, connect them to the earth and living simply one to two times a month.



When the children do leave for the children’s program we often slow things down a bit to create space for the busy and world-worn adults and parents. We like to make space for people to encounter God and each other. Our prayer-times are generally open and we like to hear different voices, but there is never an expectation to speak out.


The scriptures are always opened, as we believe that the scriptures are inspired by God, and especially so, when read together in community.  Often, there is space to interact, to reflect and to discuss what has been presented in an open and honest environment.


We’d love to hear your voice among us too.